Lawmakers Denounced for Pushing Punitive Damages in Last-Minute Amendment

Illinois Businesses Brace for Increased Costs and Diminished Appeal as Trial Bar Pushes for Punitive Damages in Wrongful Death Cases

Florida Named Judicial Hellholes Point of Light, DeSantis’s Efforts Praised

2023 legislative session resulted in landmark legal reforms, ATRF says

New Florida Bill to Regulate Misleading Legal Services Ads on Pharmaceutical Drugs and Medical Devices

ATRA’s Latest Data Reveals $271.8 Million Spent on Legal Services Advertising in Florida in 2022; Florida Accounted for Nearly 20% of Radio Ad Spending Nationwide

New Bankruptcy Filing Will Resolve Claims, Not Provide a Windfall for Lawyers

Today, Johnson & Johnson announced it will resolve approximately 60,000 talc claims through the bankruptcy process, allowing claimants to get fair resolution without having to wait through a lengthy trial. […]

Florida Lawmakers Pass Landmark Legal Reform

HB 837 heads to Governor’s desk

Transparency in Tort Reform

This letter-to-the-editor was originally published by the Tampa Bay Times in response to their March 13, 2023 article “Florida lawmakers want to help insurance companies by limiting lawsuits.“ The “tort […]

The 3rd Circuit’s bankruptcy gift to the trial bar

Our civil justice system is intended to resolve issues among parties & provide clarity on the law. But in this situation, the 3rd Circuit failed to do either.

Florida Lawsuit Abuse Reform Prioritized by Governor and Legislative Leaders

American Tort Reform Association leads on advocating for transparency in damages in civil cases

A Time for Choosing at the National Association of Attorneys General

This op-ed was originally published by Real Clear Policy. There’s a growing chorus of criticism against the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) for the organization’s perceived political bias and […]