Congressional Hearing on Bankruptcy to Address Mass Tort Litigation

ATRA Reiterates Support for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Use to Address Mass Tort Litigation, Urges Meaningful Dialogue Amid Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

Climate Lawsuits Don’t Belong In State Courts

By maintaining the clear distinction between the judiciary and policymaking, the court can help us navigate this critical issue with prudence and responsibility, safeguarding a sustainable future for all.

House Oversight Hearing on Third-Party Litigation Financing Applauded by ATRA

The lack of oversight and transparency around third-party litigation funding threatens the integrity of our legal system

Georgia Legislature Needs to Address Lawsuit Abuses

Together, let’s forge a legal landscape that makes equitable access to justice a living reality for all Georgians.

Private Attorneys Hired by State Should Not Reap a Windfall at Taxpayers’ Expense

This is an opportunity to reassess the practices and regulations surrounding private-attorney contracting and to enact reforms that promote fairness, transparency and value for taxpayer dollars.

ATRA Applauds 4th Circuit’s Denial of En Banc Review in Bestwall Litigation

Allowing the company to continue the bankruptcy process will help ensure equitable and efficient resolution in complex mass tort claims

Key Court Verdicts Shaping Business and Law Deciphered

Are legal battles shaping business realities? Discover our take in the latest Tort Talk.

ATRA Urges 4th Circuit to Allow Bestwall LLC’s Bankruptcy Process for a Fair Resolution of Complex Asbestos Litigation

ATRA’s amicus brief highlights the importance of the bankruptcy process as a powerful tool to address mass tort litigation claims.

Efficiency in Justice: Why Bankruptcy is the Best Path Forward for Talc Claims

Resolution of these claims must unequivocally prioritize claimants’ best interests – lawyers’ financial interests must never take priority over the integrity and fundamental fairness of these proceedings.