State Legislative Session Schedules Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

This page is no longer maintained. Please visit our COVID-19 Resources page for the most up-to-date information.



State Status and Notes
Alabama Session suspended indefinitely; media reports indicate Senate may come back April 28th
Alaska Session suspended indefinitely
Arizona Session suspended until April 13th
Arkansas Legislative leadership reviewing plans for the Fiscal Session scheduled to begin April 8th
California Session suspended until April 13th
Colorado House to meet in limited session on April 2nd
Connecticut Session suspended; Capitol closed until at least March 30th
Delaware Session postponed until further notice
Florida Adjourned 3/19. May hold special session to address coronavirus.
Georgia Session postponed indefinitely after March 13th
Hawaii Session immediately recessed on March 16th – expected to last 8 weeks
Idaho Session ended per regular schedule.
Illinois Senate session cancelled until April 21st
Indiana Session already ended per regular schedule
Iowa Session suspended until April 15th
Kansas Session suspended until April 27th
Kentucky Session suspended until March 26th
Louisiana Session temporarily adjourned until March 31st
Maine Adjourned early on March 17th (original adjournment date was April 15th)
Maryland General Assembly adjourned early on March 18th
Minnesota Adjourned until April 14th
Mississippi Session suspended indefinitely
Missouri Legislature on spring break
Montana No regular session for 2020.
Nebraska Session postponed indefinitely
Nevada No regular session for 2020.
New Hampshire Session suspended until April 10th
New Jersey Access to State Capitol Complex restricted; session continues
New Mexico Session already adjourned prior to coronavirus outbreak
New York Capitol closed to public
North Carolina Interim committee meetings canceled until April 1st
North Dakota No regular session in 2020.
Ohio House suspended session on March 13th – reevaluate on April 13th; Senate continues to meet
Oklahoma Session postponed indefinitely; must reconvene at some point to pass budget by May 29th
Oregon Session adjourned for year (unrelated to corona)
Pennsylvania House and Senate to vote remotely
Rhode Island No session this week and next week
South Carolina No session this week
South Dakota Regular session ended March 12th
Tennessee Adjourned until June 1st
Texas No regular session in 2020.
Utah Session adjourned March 12th as previously scheduled
Vermont Session adjourned until March 24th
Virginia Session adjourned March 12th as previously scheduled
Washington Session adjourned March 12th as previously scheduled
West Virginia Session adjourned as previously scheduled.
Wyoming Legislature adjourned as previously scheduled