Employer Liability Protection Crucial to Re-Open the Economy

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President Trump is considering employers’ liability concerns surrounding the planned re-opening of U.S. businesses in the wake of COVID-19.

ATRA is pleased that President Trump is taking into consideration the issue of employers’ liability concerns surrounding the planned re-opening of businesses across the country while the nation continues to address the coronavirus pandemic. 

The administration, Congress and individual states should foster a reliable and predictable business climate that will allow companies to re-open for business without fear of potential legal repercussions should an employee contract COVID-19 while at work.

Employer liability is an important topic that must be addressed now, before urging businesses to re-open without specific guidelines or clarity on what sort of liability they may face.

ATRA’s policy recommendations and liability concerns were relayed to the Trump Administration, Congress, and state government leaders in the early weeks of the outbreak, and we have since issued a comprehensive white paper detailing those policy prescriptions. 

We look forward to the continuation of these critical conversations while President Trump works with Congress and the states and proceeds with his “Opening America Again” plan.

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