SCOTUS Should Affirm Federal Law Supremacy With FDA Authority Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has a chance to rein in state court rulings that impose liability on pharmaceutical companies that go beyond, and even contradict, the federal regulatory process of the FDA, according to Tiger Joyce, president of the American Tort Reform Association. He explains why it is imperative the high court review a case involving Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

Minnesotans Deserve Transparency from AG Ellison

ATRA President Tiger Joyce takes a look at Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s lawsuit claiming oil companies “deceived Minnesotans about climate change.”

Garland Should Oppose Biden Effort to Reinstate Controversial ‘Slush Funds’ Practice

Writing for The Hill, ATRA President Tiger Joyce discusses the Biden administration’s plans to allow a settlement slush fund and issues the practice has caused at the state level.

With This Missouri Case, the Supreme Court Could Curb Activist State Judiciaries

ATRA President Tiger Joyce writes about issues with a landmark talc case in Missouri and how the U.S. Supreme Court can step in.

Opinion: Nessel Shouldn’t Cater to Trial Lawyers

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel would needlessly create opportunities for entrepreneurial trial lawyers to pursue those that drive Michigan’s economy, ATRA President Tiger Joyce writes.

Hold On to Your Pocketbooks If Interest Goes Up On Civil Lawsuits

Excessive litigation costs Illinois businesses more than $18.9 billion annually, write ATRA President Tiger Joyce and John Pastuovic for the Chicago Sun Times.

Plaintiffs firms spent more than $34 million on COVID-19 ads, tort reform group says

Caroline Spiezio for Reuters reports on ATRA’s February 2021 legal services advertising report.

Law Firms Are Abusing California Lemon Law Fee Provision

ATRA President Tiger Joyce writes about a worrisome trend involving California “lemon law” suits.

Philadelphia Courts Ranked No. 1 Judicial Hellhole In the Nation

The Keystone State’s climate of lawsuit abuse harms Pennsylvanians by clogging the court system, driving away jobs and driving up insurance costs for consumers, ATRA President Tiger Joyce writes in a letter for the Patriot-News.

NYC’s Becoming an Even Nastier ‘Judicial Hellhole’

The New York Post Editorial Board writes about New York’s status as a “Judicial Hellhole.”

Courts in ‘Judicial Hellholes’ Less Likely to Abide by SCOTUS Precedent

ATRA President Tiger Joyce writes in this op-ed about a growing trend of state courts bucking SCOTUS precedent when it comes to personal jurisdiction.

Philadelphia and New York City Top Sue-happy ‘Judicial Hellholes’

Coverage of the American Tort Reform Foundation’s Judicial Hellholes report by Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner.

COVID-19 Lawsuits Ravage Businesses

ATRA President Tiger Joyce writes about COVID-19 litigation and the need for liability protections, especially in states deemed “Judicial Hellholes.”

Trial Lawyers’ COVID-19 Lawsuits Are Definitely Not the Answer

ATRA President Tiger Joyce writes about the threat of lawsuits related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Missouri Supreme Court declines to review billion-dollar award against Johnson & Johnson baby powder

Juliette Fairley of the St. Louis Record reports on the Missouri Supreme Court’s decision not to review a $2 billion verdict.

Trial Lawyers Look to Profit Off Pandemic by Targeting Insurers

ATRA President Tiger Joyce penned an op-ed for Law360 on the surge of COVID-19-related lawsuits targeting the insurance industry.

Pa. Supreme Court Disregards SCOTUS Ruling

Nicholas Malfitano of the Pennsylvania Record writes about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling on jurisdiction in a lawsuit filed by an out-of-state resident.

ATRA Warns Against ‘New Species of Super Tort’ in Oklahoma Opioid Judgment

Amanda Bronstad with writes about the potential repercussions if the 2019 $465 million judgment against Johnson & Johnson stands.

Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week: This affects all of us

ATRA President Tiger Joyce spoke with Juliette Farley of the Southern California Record about Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week and business interruption lawsuits.

First Ga. COVID-19 Business Interruption Ruling

ATRA President Tiger Joyce spoke with Rosie Manins of the Law360 about business interruption lawsuits in the wake of COVID-19.

West Virginia AG Candidates Fail to Sign Transparency Oath

ATRA reports neither candidate for West Virginia Attorney General has signed its transparency oath, writes Chris Dickerson for the West Virginia Record.

Trial Lawyers Treat COVID-19 As Another Feather In Their Caps

ATRA President Tiger Joyce writes about trial lawyers’ latest pet project – business interruption lawsuits against insurance companies in the wake of COVID-19.

Trial Lawyers Delight at Prospect of Congress, White House Flip

A Washington controlled by Democrats would be a bonanza for the trial bar, writes W.J. Kennedy for Legal Newsline.

Majority of US States Block Juries’ Access to True Medical Costs

ATRA President Tiger Joyce writes about the troubling new trend of medical financing in litigation for Medium.

Judge Managing Opioid Lawsuit Under Scrutiny

ATRA President Tiger Joyce dives into controversies surrounding biases of the federal judge overseeing the nation’s opioid MDL for Inside Sources.

ALI Consumer Contract Restatement Is Biased Advocacy

ATRA President Tiger Joyce writes about the American Law Institute’s diversion from its original mission in this opinion editorial for Law360.

Injury Attys Undaunted By COVID-19 Nursing Home Immunity

ATRA President says COVID-19 statutes reflect a broader perspective than lawsuit shields as they are enacted by lawmakers, not just a single governor.

Governor signs law on punitive damages, merchandising act

Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed into law reforms to the state’s punitive damages system, writes John Breslin for the St. Louis Record.

Congress needs to pass tort reform to protect CARES Act funding

ATRA cited in an opinion editorial by John DeMaggio for The Hill regarding potential lawsuit abuse in the wake of COVID-19.

Virus Liability Shields Move Ahead in Louisiana, Other States

States advance liability shields for businesses in the absence of federal liability protection, writes Chris Marr of Bloomberg Law.

Climate cases keep landing in state court. Why it matters

Judges across the country have now determined that climate lawsuits against oil and gas companies belong in state courts, writes Jennifer Hijazi of E&E News.

In shortened session, legislators manage to pass tort reform bill, key win for businesses

Business leaders and tort reform advocates have welcomed changes that will limit punitive damage awards in Missouri, John Lewis of the St. Louis Record writes.

Climate Case Is Ninth Circuit’s Golden Opportunity on Nuisance Suits

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has an opportunity to redirect policy and push back on activist attorneys’ attempts to improperly expand public nuisance law. With Covid-19 public nuisance lawsuits coming, Tiger Joyce, president of the American Tort Reform Association, discusses the importance of the climate change lawsuit.

Carmichael says legislation to protect essential businesses, workers being drafted

West Virginia Senate President Mitch Carmichael says legislation is being drafted to ensure liability protections to protect small business owners and workers, especially health care workers who are protecting our state’s citizens amid the Coronavirus pandemic, writes Chris Dickerson of the West Virginia Record.

Like Virus Itself, Future of Malpractice Liability Is Uncharted

During a pandemic, where contagious people crowd spaces shared with the uninfected or the healthy, concern over liability is heightened, writes Brandi Buchanan of Courthouse News Service.

Lawsuits Loom Over COVID-19 Exposure As Businesses Reopen Around the U.S.

As businesses reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, tort reformers are mobilizing to enact federal and state protections against an anticipated plethora of personal injury lawsuits, writes Amanda Bronstad of

Class-Action Conundrum

ATRA President Tiger Joyce writes about COVID-19 liability concerns and class action lawsuit abuse.

Protecting Our COVID-19 Protectors

ATRA President Tiger Joyce writes about COVID-19 liability concerns in Inside Sources.

Suits against cruise line signal start of litigation over coronavirus

Lawsuits alleging negligence by Princess Cruises for failing to warn about the possibility of contracting the coronavirus are part of what likely will be a multitude of COVID-19 related litigation, a tort reform advocate says, writes Sarah Downey for the Northern California Record.