The Lab Whose Junk Science Is Fueling a Frenzy of Litigation

Legitimate consumer protection demands sound science and impartial analysis — not distorted data designed to manufacture lawsuits.

New Rule 702 Helps Judges Keep Bad Science Out Of Court

Judges’ commitment to rigorous policing of science is paramount in safeguarding the integrity of the legal system.

A Call to Halt the Onslaught of Litigation Tourism

This isn’t just about legal technicalities; it’s about New Yorkers’ livelihoods and ability to make ends meet.

Philadelphia’s Courts Continue to be ‘Judicial Hellholes’

Plaintiff-friendly courts tilt the scales of justice at will.

Why LA County’s Talc Litigation Misses the Mark

LA County’s talc litigation represents a colossal waste of taxpayer-funded time as public lawyers collaborate with private plaintiffs’ attorneys, employing outrageous tactics that, in all likelihood, will not succeed for most.

Climate Lawsuits Don’t Belong In State Courts

By maintaining the clear distinction between the judiciary and policymaking, the court can help us navigate this critical issue with prudence and responsibility, safeguarding a sustainable future for all.

Georgia Legislature Needs to Address Lawsuit Abuses

Together, let’s forge a legal landscape that makes equitable access to justice a living reality for all Georgians.

Private Attorneys Hired by State Should Not Reap a Windfall at Taxpayers’ Expense

This is an opportunity to reassess the practices and regulations surrounding private-attorney contracting and to enact reforms that promote fairness, transparency and value for taxpayer dollars.

Efficiency in Justice: Why Bankruptcy is the Best Path Forward for Talc Claims

Resolution of these claims must unequivocally prioritize claimants’ best interests – lawyers’ financial interests must never take priority over the integrity and fundamental fairness of these proceedings.

Time to close Philadelphia’s Mass Tort Complex and put an end to litigation tourism

Let us close the doors of the mass tort complex and open the doors to a fairer, more balanced future.

What happened to AG’s promise to use in-house counsel for large lawsuits?

It’s time to end the cycle of endless litigation and outrageous attorney fees

More Work Remains on Tort Reform

This letter-to-the-editor was originally published by The Herald-Dispatch in Huntington, WV. West Virginia was a mainstay on the American Tort Reform Foundation’s “Judicial Hellholes®” list for nearly 20 years, finally […]

Fla.’s Legal Reform Package Makes It a Judicial Hellholes Point of Light

These strong but fair laws will solidify Florida as a model of a forward-looking state with a judicial system that is transparent, fair and accountable for all.

ATRA President Tiger Joyce on WFLA-FM Tallahassee

ATRA President Tiger Joyce discusses Florida’s 2023 legal reform successes with Preston Scott on WFLA-FM Tallahassee.

Transparency in Tort Reform

This letter-to-the-editor was originally published by the Tampa Bay Times in response to their March 13, 2023 article “Florida lawmakers want to help insurance companies by limiting lawsuits.“ The “tort […]