The $280 Million Attorneys General Fund

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A group of state AGs shouldn’t be a litigation finance shop for the tort bar and progressive causes.

Republican state Attorneys General are meeting in Colorado this weekend, and a major item on the agenda is what to do about the $280 million sitting on the books of the National Association of Attorneys General. We hope they agree to tell NAAG that the money belongs to the states, not to be kept as a permanent fund to finance litigation and trial-lawyer riches.

NAAG is a bipartisan forum for all state and territory AGs, or at least it’s supposed to be. But we reported in July on the legitimate concerns expressed by eight GOP state AGs, led by Kentucky’s Daniel Cameron, about the way NAAG itself is benefiting from tort settlements. The AGs worried that NAAG is becoming a litigation machine in its own right, with an agenda more in tune with the tort bar than with the states AGs represent…

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