California Ranks No. 3 on Judicial Hellholes® List

Report Reveals Ongoing Crisis and Urgent Need for Reform

Cook County, Illinois Rises to Second-Worst Judicial Hellhole® in Latest Report

Cook County Legal Woes Exposed: No-Injury Lawsuits, Excessive Verdicts, Business Struggles

Louisiana Grapples with Judicial Hellholes® Distinction

From Coasts to Courts, State Struggles Under Weight of Judicial Hellholes® Title

Justice on Trial as St. Louis Ranks No. 8 in 2023-2024 Judicial Hellholes® Report, Urging Reform

St. Louis’ Legal Woes Exposed as Trial Lawyer Contributions Stall Reform

Kentucky Emerges on Judicial Hellholes® Watch List for the First Time

Evolution in Legal Landscape and Emerging Challenges Highlighted

Georgia Grabs Unwanted Crown as America’s Top Judicial Hellhole®

Georgia’s Legal Landscape Negatively Impacts Businesses, Communities, Pocketbooks

Pennsylvania’s Legal Landscape Ranks Worst in National Judicial Hellholes® Report

From nuclear verdicts to litigation tourism, Keystone State grapples with myriad legal challenges

New York City Grabs No. 4 Spot in 2023-2024 Judicial Hellholes® Report

Ongoing Legal Challenges Impacting Daily Lives Unveiled

South Carolina Grapples with No. 5 Spot in Judicial Hellholes® Ranking

Judicial Hellholes® Report Highlights Asbestos Litigation Challenges

Michigan Capital Debuts at No. 6 in Judicial Hellholes® 2023-2024 Report

Judicial Hellholes® Report Highlights Asbestos Litigation Challenges

Florida No Longer a Judicial Hellhole®, Named Point of Light in Annual Report

St. Louis’ Legal Woes Exposed as Trial Lawyer Contributions Stall Reform

Legal Hotspots Unveiled In 2023-2024 Judicial Hellholes® Report

Georgia and Pennsylvania Courts Top List, Litigation Tourism Burdens Judicial System

ATRA Calls for Veto of S.B. 410 to Protect Michigan’s Economic Future

This shift is not in the best interests of consumers, manufacturers, or the state as a whole

Michigan Legislature Looks to Expand Liability, ATRA Urges Caution

Michigan lawmakers must consider the unintended consequences of expanding liability

Mass Tort Machine Exposed by Trial Lawyer Playbook Report

The Trial Lawyer Playbook report serves as a call to action, promoting transparency, accountability, and fairness in the legal system.