Third Circuit Ruling Blocks Bankruptcy Proceedings for LTL Management

The American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) is disappointed to learn that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ruled against LTL Management, LLC in a case regarding the […]

Gov. DeSantis Signs Key Legal Reform Bill In Florida

SB 2-A to improve FL property insurance; addresses assignment of benefits, one way attorney fee shifting, third-party bad faith

ATRA Brief Calls on SCOTUS to Review Near Limitless Per Violation Civil Penalties

Arbitrary, excessive punishments result from lack of clarity under some laws

Frivolous ‘No-Injury’ Lawsuits Thrive in California

State ranked No. 3 among worst ‘Judicial Hellholes’ in nation with residents paying $1,900 per year in ‘tort tax’

Cook County Lawsuits Fail to Claim Actual Injuries

In No. 5 worst ‘Judicial Hellhole,’ Chicago residents pay $2,094 each in annual tort tax

Endless Coastal Litigation Creates Climate of Lawsuit Abuse in ‘Judicial Hellhole’ Louisiana

Residents pay ‘tort tax’ of more than $1,010 amid all-time high inflation

Florida Legislature on Judicial Hellholes Watch List

Lawmakers’ lack of action on legal reform to blame for inclusion

Nuclear Verdicts Explode in No. 1 Judicial Hellhole Georgia

Recording-breaking $1.7 billion verdict doled out while residents pay $1,111 annual “tort tax”

PA Courts Encourage Blatant Venue Shopping, Remain Among Worst ‘Judicial Hellholes’

$1,200 ‘tort tax’ paid by Penn. residents annually

Lawsuit Lenders, Serial Plaintiffs Prey on Vulnerable New Yorkers and Small Businesses

Residents pay $1,875 ‘tort tax’ each year in fourth-worst Judicial Hellhole

South Carolina Asbestos Litigation Ranked ‘Judicial Hellhole’

Problematic case proceedings make the state’s asbestos docket one of the worst in the country

St. Louis ‘Judicial Hellhole’ Judges Permit ‘Junk’ Science Evidence, Known Haven for Trial Lawyers

Residents pay $1,463 annual ‘tort tax’ amid record-high inflation

‘Nuclear’ Verdicts Obliterate State Economies in Judicial Hellholes

Americans pay a ‘tort tax’ of more than $1,300 each year

$34M+ Spent on Lawyer Ads in Top California Media Markets So Far In 2022

New study shows Roundup, talc and paraquat top ad targets in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento