SCOTUS Input Requested in Landmark Missouri Talc Case

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court was called upon to review a landmark talcum powder case which loosely linked baby powder use to ovarian cancer and resulted in a multi-billion-dollar […]

PA Supreme Court Further Expands Liability With Latest Ruling

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania issued a ruling that makes the state even more appealing to trial lawyers by removing the need to prove a business was fraudulent or negligent under the state’s consumer protection law. The Court […]

Missouri Legislature Looks to Address COVID-19 Liability

Trial lawyers’ spending on covid ads last year surpassed $400,000

Report: Trial Lawyers Spend Millions on Covid Ads

Liability protections needed at state level

Florida TV Viewers Pelted with COVID-19 Trial Lawyer Ads

Legislature moving on bills to address covid liability concerns

Maryland Lawmakers Look to Address COVID-19 Liability

Trial lawyers’ spending on covid ads last year surpassed $650,000

Poll Shows Public Disapproval for COVID-19 Lawsuits; Government Aid for Small Businesses Overwhelmingly Preferred

With a new presidential administration officially at the helm, public support for aid to small businesses and others impacted by the pandemic remains high.  A new survey released today by the American Tort Reform […]

Trial Lawyers’ Rush Amendment Passes IL House in Early Morning Hours, Heads to Governor

ATRA’s statement on passage of Amendment 1 to Illinois House Bill 3360

IL Lawmakers Rush to Amend Bill for Trial Lawyers’ Gain, Ignore COVID-19 Liability Protections

ATRA’s statement on Amendment 1 to Illinois House Bill 3360

Statement Concerning Violent Mob Attack on U.S. Capitol

ATRA President Tiger Joyce released the following statement in response to the unprecedented attack on the U.S. Capitol building on January 6:

Congress Fails to Protect Small Businesses & Others from COVID-19 Liability

ATRA voices its disappointment as Congress fails to include liability protections in its latest COVID-19 relief package.

Pennsylvania Courts Top ‘Judicial Hellholes’ List

Philly Court of Common Pleas, PA Supreme Court allow out-of-state lawsuits while Gov. Wolf vetoes liability protections

The City That Never Stops Suing: New York City Named a Top Judicial Hellhole

The Big Apple’s avaricious attorneys refused to let a global pandemic slow their stride and in turn earned their city the dubious distinction of a “Judicial Hellhole” yet again. The […]

California Named a Top ‘Judicial Hellhole’

State policies harm workers, Lemon Law lawsuits increase

Asbestos Litigation Skyrockets South Carolina Near Top of “Judicial Hellholes” Ranks

The court’s case consolidation results in No. 4 ranking

Louisiana Lands In Top 5 Judicial Hellholes

Auto insurance scams and coastal lawsuits top concerns

Georgia Named a ‘Judicial Hellhole’ for 2nd Year

High-dollar verdicts and liability expansion to blame

‘Judicial Hellhole’ St. Louis a Gateway for Out-of-State Lawsuits

Mo. Supreme Court refuses to review talc decision, majority of plaintiffs from out of state

Illinois Counties’ Love of Lawsuits Lands Them ‘Judicial Hellholes’ Title

Cook, Madison and St. Clair Counties ranked No. 8 due in part to high filing of “no injury” data privacy lawsuits

Minnesota Slides Into ‘Judicial Hellholes’ Ranks Yet Again

Activism in AG’s office, Supreme Court’s acceptance of lawsuit funding and loose venue rules to blame

COVID-19 Exacerbates Lawsuit Abuse in Nation’s Judicial Hellholes

Report names two Pennsylvania courts to top spot

New Poll Finds Strong Bipartisan Support for Government Action vs. Litigation When it Comes to Handling the COVID-19 Pandemic

While COVID-19 relief efforts stall in Congress, public support for aid to small businesses and others impacted by the pandemic remains high.  According to a new survey released today by […]

COVID-19 Lawsuit Protections Signed Into Law in Michigan

ATRA praises the passage of HB 6030 in Michigan, enacting COVID-19 liability protections.

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Defies SCOTUS Precedent

ATRA’s statement on the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s ruling in Hammons v. Ethicon to allow an out-of-state lawsuit to continue, openly defying SCOTUS precedent.

Support for Johnson & Johnson’s Appeal In Massive Oklahoma Opioid Judgment

ATRA files amicus brief in support of Johnson & Johnson’s decision to appeal a 2019 $465 million judgment against the company, warning against the state attorney general’s expansive use of public nuisance law.

Transparency A Priority For Montana AG Candidate

ATRA reports Montana attorney general candidate Austin Knudsen signed its AG Transparency Code pledge.