Covid Liability Protections Signed Into Law in Missouri

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Financial benefit of reforming Missouri’s tort system could support an additional 20k+ jobs & $3.38B in increased economic activity

Critical covid liability protection legislation supported by the American Tort Reform Association was signed by Governor Mike Parson (R) today in Missouri.

Senate Bill 51, sponsored by Senator Tony Luetkemeyer (R-Parkville), relates to potential liability surrounding COVID-19 exposure claims. It also provides reasonable liability protections for healthcare providers and manufacturers for claims due to the pandemic.

“We are grateful to Governor Parson for signing this important covid liability protection legislation into law,” Tiger Joyce, ATRA President said. “Through Governor Parson’s leadership and by prioritizing the rebalancing of Missouri’s civil justice system, he will help families and employers across the state and promote Missouri’s economic recovery.”

A recent report states that the financial benefit of reforming Missouri’s tort system could support an additional 20,880 jobs and $3.38 billion in increased economic activity.

Missouri is one of 34 states and the District of Columbia to enact covid-related liability protections in the wake of an increase in lawsuits filed related to the pandemic.

“I commend Senator Luetkemeyer for his diligence in pursuing this bill and seeing it through to the finish line, as well as Senators Bill White, Eric Burlison, Floor Leader Caleb Rowden, House Pro Tem John Wiemann, Chairman Bruce DeGroot, Floor Leader Dean Plocher and Speaker Rob Vescovo,” Joyce said. “This important legislation will help protect small businesses, healthcare workers and more from frivolous lawsuits filed by trial lawyers seeking to take unfair advantage of a once-in-a-century health care crisis.”

St. Louis is frequently named to the American Tort Reform Foundation’s list of “Judicial Hellholes®” in its annual report – it currently ranks St. Louis as the seventh worst Judicial Hellhole in the nation.

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