Texas AG Candidate Eva Guzman Prioritizes Transparency

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ATRA developed the Transparency Code as a collection of model policies that should govern the use of outside counsel by state attorneys general.

Texas candidate for state attorney general, Eva Guzman (R), pledged to prioritize transparency and open accountability in office, the American Tort Reform Association announced today.

Guzman, most recently a judge for Place 9 of the Texas Supreme Court, embraced good-government principles by signing ATRA’s attorney general transparency code pledge, the 2022 state attorney general candidate questionnaire

“In signing this pledge, Eva Guzman has shown that, if elected as Texas’s attorney general, she will commit to a more transparent, accountable government,” ATRA President Tiger Joyce said.

In 1999, Texas passed a law relating to government retention of personal injury lawyers which requires that the state attempt to handle all litigation through in-house counsel and provides that when seeking outside counsel, the contracting agency must first seek an hourly fee arrangement.

Guzman is joined by primary opponent, George P. Bush, in signing the pledge. Other opponents have not yet responded to requests from ATRA to sign the AG Transparency Code. The Association encourages other candidates to complete the questionnaire.

ATRA maintains that attorneys general need the discretion and independence to enforce state law, free from the influence of parties that may have a private interest in the outcome of any litigation their office may take on.

“In every instance, a state’s attorney general should seek to provide the highest quality services at the best value for hardworking taxpayers when considering whether to contract with outside counsel,” Joyce said. “Judge Guzman signing ATRA’s transparency code gives great hope that transparency and accountability will be a priority in the Office of the Attorney General in Texas should she be elected.”

ATRA developed the Transparency Code as a collection of model policies that should govern the use of outside counsel by state attorneys general. ATRA is committed to working with state and local leaders to improve our civil justice system by reducing excessive litigation and increasing government transparency to enhance economic development and job creation. Attorneys general play a critical role in creating a fairer system for all as states’ chief law enforcement officers.

“We hope to work with Texas’s next attorney general to build transparency and accountability in the Lone Star State.” 

The questionnaire answers provided by Guzman are available here.

For more information about ATRA’s work in creating greater transparency among state attorneys general, please visit AGSunshine.com.

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