Montana AG Sues National Association of Attorneys General

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As NAAG Continues to Focus on Entrepreneurial Litigation, It Could Face More Lawsuits

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen filed a lawsuit against the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) late last week, highlighting the organization’s misuse of taxpayer dollars and perceived political bias.

“In recent years, NAAG’s mission as a nonprofit has shifted from its original purpose—managing multistate investigations—to that of a taxpayer-funded advocacy group dedicated to generating lawsuits and massive returns in revenue,” ATRA President Tiger Joyce said. “If things don’t change at NAAG and they continue to act like a plaintiffs’ firm, it’s reasonable to expect more lawsuits and more members leaving their group.”

Knudsen’s lawsuit is the latest addition to a growing chorus of criticism surrounding NAAG’s activities. ATRA has published reports and noted steps NAAG could take to begin regaining public trust and reestablishing its credibility. Unfortunately, the organization instead continued to focus on manufacturing entrepreneurial litigation which undermines our economy, takes resources away from victims, and distorts our legal system.

ATRA will continue to monitor all developments at NAAG and hope that the nation’s oldest attorneys general organization course corrects.

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