In shortened session, legislators manage to pass tort reform bill, key win for businesses

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Business leaders and tort reform advocates have welcomed changes that will limit punitive damage awards in Missouri, John Lewis of the St. Louis Record writes.

According to the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA), the MMPA is known among trial lawyers as an overly broad consumer protection act “that can be taken advantage of easily as it allows for attorney’s fees and punitive damages.”

“The frequency with which multimillion- and even multibillion-dollar awards come out of St. Louis courts show the need to reform Missouri’s punitive damages system,” ATRA has stated.

ATRA’s president Tiger Joyce thanked legislators who were key to bringing forward the legislation and the “commitment to ensuring Missouri’s civil justice system is fair to all. This bill will reduce frivolous litigation and allow for greater access to the court system for those who need it most.” 

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