Attorney General Sunshine: H.B. 437; Fla. Stat. § 16.0155


Prohibited the Department of Legal Affairs of the Office of

Prohibited the Department of Legal Affairs of the Office of the Attorney General from entering into contingency fee contracts with private attorneys unless the Attorney General made a written determination prior to entering into such a contract that contingency fee   representation was both cost effective and in the public interest.  Required the Attorney General, upon making his or her written determination, to request proposals from private     attorneys to represent the Department of Legal Affairs on contingency-fee basis unless the Attorney General determined in writing that requesting such proposals were not feasible under the circumstances.  Provided that written determination did constitute final agency action, and provided that requests for proposals and contract awards were not subject to challenge under the Administrative Procedure Act.  Required maintenance of specified records, limited the amount of contingency fee that may be paid to private attorney pursuant to contract with the Department of Legal Affairs, and required Internet posting of specified information

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