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In 1995, the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court

In 1995, the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court and the California Judicial Council, the research and policymaking body of the court system, established a Blue Ribbon Commission on jury reform.  Several of the Commission’s recommendations involved universal service such as providing mandatory procedures for enforcing jury summonses, increasing juror fees, requiring all employers to continue paying usual compensation for the first three days of jury service, developing tax credits for employers continuing to pay employees during jury service, and providing a list of factors judges should use when making the “good cause” determination. The Judicial Council appears to have had limited success convincing the legislature to implement its recommendations.  In 2002, California trial courts adopted a one-day/one-trial system to lessen the burden of service on jurors and the California Supreme Court amended California Rules of Court 701 to strengthen standards for hardship excuses.

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