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In 1993, Arizona became one of the first states to

In 1993, Arizona became one of the first states to initiate a major jury reform initiative when the Arizona Supreme Court established its Committee on the More Effective Use of Juries.  The Committee adopted 55 recommendations.  Fifteen of these recommendations resulted in immediate changes to the Supreme Court Rules.  The implemented reforms primarily aim to increase juror comprehension and involvement in trials.  These reforms include encouraging mini-opening statements prior to voir dire, giving jurors copies of jury instructions, providing juror notebooks, allowing jurors to ask questions, and allowing jurors to discuss the evidence among themselves during civil trials. Arizona’s reform is viewed as a model by other states.  Arizona did not succeed, however, in implementing universal service recommendations such as expanding juror source lists, using follow-up procedures for non-respondents to jury service, carefully monitoring deferral or excuses from service, and revising statutory provisions for jury pay.

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