Vicarious Liability for Rideshare Services – H.B. 1745


Texas – 2023

Establishes a framework for arbitration and civil actions against rideshare services.  The law only applies when the rideshare service is defendant, the claim alleges damages for property loss, bodily harm or death; and the claim arises from the use of the rideshare service at the time of the alleged injuries.  The theory of recovery under which damages are sought arises from the driver or passenger being logged into the rideshare service, or the relationship, affiliation, or interaction with a driver logged into the rideshare service.  A rideshare service cannot be held vicariously liable for damages under this law if: (1) the plaintiff does not prove by clear and convincing evidence that the company was grossly negligent; (2) the company has fulfilled all obligations with respect to the rideshare driver as required by state law, Chapter 2402.

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