COVID-19 Polling – October 2020


October 2020 Omnibus Polling

Key Takeaways:

  1. When it comes to COVID-19 relief, Americans strongly favor government assistance over the legal actions of trial lawyers.
    • Less than one-in-10 respondents (9%) believe that trial attorneys filing lawsuits is a better approach to dealing with COVID-19 than government assistance policies.
    • A solid majority—63% of those surveyed—stated government assistance policies were preferable.
  2. America’s preference for government assistance over the actions of trial lawyers is even more pronounced when it comes to small businesses.
    • Just 7% of respondents stated that lawyers encouraging small business to pursue legal claims is preferable to the government providing grants or loans.
    • An overwhelming majority—78%—stated government-provided small business loans and grants were preferable.
  3. Americans dislike the trial lawyers’ television advertisements and view the use of PPP loans on them as inappropriate.
    • Two-thirds of respondents (66%) agreed with the notion that trial lawyer TV ads took advantage of people and were annoying.
    • Less than a quarter (24%) of those surveyed believed trial lawyers’ use of PPP loans on television advertisements was an appropriate use of funds.


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