Lawsuit Advertising Frenzy Fuels Georgia’s Litigation Epidemic

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Law Firms Spent $168M+ on 2.2M Ads in Georgia

Today, the American Tort Reform Association released a comprehensive report showing an alarming increase in local legal services advertising spending in Georgia.

“This tidal wave of legal services ads blanketing Georgia is further evidence of the state’s struggling legal climate and need for tort reform,” Tiger Joyce, ATRA president said. “This advertising arms race is both a symptom and a cause of the state’s troubled civil justice system, fueling more litigation and lining the pockets of trial lawyers.”

Every Georgian pays a $1,372 annual “tort tax,” while 137,000 jobs are lost statewide each year due to excessive tort costs. In Atlanta, the tort tax jumps to $2,084 per person.

Key Findings on Georgia Legal Services Advertising

  • In 2023, Georgia residents were exposed to more than 2.2 million local legal services ads, with total ad spending exceeding $168.6 million.
  • Spending on all legal services ads in Georgia increased 38% since 2019.
  • Outdoor and out-of-home legal ad spending increased 113% since 2019.
  • The number of radio ads for legal services surged 113% since 2019.
  • Spending on radio legal services ads jumped 94% since 2019.

Deluge of Personal Injury Ads in Georgia

An analysis of the top legal services advertising mediums in Georgia found nearly 75% of ads in 2023 specifically promoted personal injury attorneys, including those seeking clients for vehicle and motorcycle accident claims. Nearly $87 million – more than half of all legal ad spending in the state – was devoted to personal injury ads alone.

The top legal services advertisers by dollars spent were largely personal injury firms like Morgan & Morgan ($24.4 million), John Foy & Associates ($11.5 million), Farah & Farah ($10.1 million), and Montlick & Associates ($9.6 million). These same firms accounted for 4 of the Top 5 firms with the highest quantities of ads as well.

Atlanta Inundated with Billboards, TV & Radio Ads

The Atlanta metro area was ground zero for the legal services ad blitz. In 2023, more than $89.5 million was spent on nearly 748,000 local legal services ads in Atlanta alone. Out-of-home and outdoors ads accounted for 37%, or approximately $33.3 million of that amount. Law firms spent nearly $32 million on more than 245,000 spot TV ads and $20.6 million for nearly 409,000 radio ads.

“These eye-popping numbers show just how litigious and lawsuit-happy Georgia’s civil justice landscape has become,” Joyce said. “Fortunately, state lawmakers took steps in the right direction this session. But much more needs to be done.”

Georgia is ranked the No. 1 worst “Judicial Hellhole®” in the country by the American Tort Reform Foundation in the 2023-2024 edition of its annual report.

“We hope Georgia’s leaders will, sooner rather than later, take up the other critical tort reform issues we’ve laid out in our reports,” Joyce said. “ATRA stands ready to work with anyone truly committed to restoring balance and common sense to the state’s legal system.”

To access the full report, including detailed methodology and additional insights, visit

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